Up to 2000


2 Booker St
Spotswood VIC 3015


Pumping Station: Boiler House

We love the Boiler House for its soaring, exposed ceiling and raw industrial feel – this is the stuff of warehouse lovers’ dreams! With a sense of curious anticipation, guests enter via a long, moodily lit ramp, emerging into a cavernous space home to two enormous, fully restored boilers. It has a character all of its own, but Boiler House can also be a perfect blank canvas offering flexibility to play with.


260 Banquet, 220 Banquet with dance floor, 250 Theatre, 350 Cocktail, 1,000 Family Day (within entire Pumping Station)

Pumping Station: Engine Room

With settings running down the middle of the impressive structure and surrounded by a fascinating collection of engineering tools, equipment and relics, the Engine Room is ideal for a long-table dinner, cocktail party, product launch or corporate gathering. To top it off, we have one remaining restored and working steam pump that can be running for your event, providing a pretty out-there talking point! Entry to the space is either via the theatrical ramp to the Boiler House, or through huge double doors opening out on to a quadrangle. During the day, this courtyard can be open to be enjoyed, and provides a beautiful entry point for bridal parties to their ceremony.


100 Banquet, 80 Banquet with dance floor, 200 cocktail

Melbourne Planetarium

Melbourne Planetarium is an extraordinary space. Sit back beneath a horizontal dome 16 metres high and see the night sky revealed like never before, or be taken on a journey of discovery through the Universe. We have a range of shows that can be chosen exclusively for your event, which could be anything from a product launch, private screening or seminar presentation. The Foyer is often hired in conjunction with the Melbourne Planetarium, although you can certainly use it alone. This space hosts ever-changing astronomy and space technology-themed exhibitions that are brilliant backdrops to dinners, cocktail parties and other occasions. We can also offer a private entrance here, so you and your guests don’t need to enter through the main building. Above the entrance, there is a large screen that can be used to display company logos and image galleries or to support presentations.


Planetarium: 150 Theatre, Foyer: 130 Banquet, 90 Banquet with dance floor, 40 Theatre, 200 Cocktail

Scienceworks Arena

The Scienceworks Arena presents a unique opportunity to hire a massive oval for any number of uses – just let your imagination be your guide. Presided over by the shimmering glass Scienceworks building and its pavilion-style amphitheatre, it offers spectacular views over the top of the beautiful Pumping Station to the West Gate Bridge, Yarra River and Melbourne skyline. The sprawling, lush grass makes it a perfect warm weather spot for cocktail parties and family days, while sit-down banquet dinners al fresco can be sheltered by a marquee any time of the year.


300 Banquet, 1,000 Cocktail, 2,000 Other/Family Day

Main Exhibition Gallery

Guests will get to enjoy the renowned Sportsworks exhibition as they enjoy a cocktail party or other event in the Main Exhibition Gallery. It’s an especially great pick for team-building exercises – there’s nothing like getting your staff out and active! In this large, vibrant space, there’s plenty of opportunity for dynamic discovery. See if you can keep up with Cathy Freeman in a ten-metre sprint, brush up your snowboarding on our simulator, and find out more about your body’s potential. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.


120 Banquet, 120 Theatre, 600 Cocktail

Conference Room

A perfect option for small to mid-scale meetings, leadership planning and team-building workshops. Up on the first floor of the main building, it’s bathed with warm natural light through sheer blinds. You can put the blinds up to reveal the inspiring north-east view over the Pumping Station to the West Gate Bridge and Melbourne’s city skyline.


25 Boardroom

Lightning Room

Perfect for giving your event an electrifying atmosphere! In the Lightning Room we have a fascinating Tesla coil – watch the two megavolt machine conduct electricity and shoot out beams of purple lightning. You can simply hire the Lightning Room for an exclusive show, or, as well, take advantage of the auditorium-like room for presentations of your own. The space features tiered seats with ground level access and is fully equipped with AV.


114 Theatre

Helen R Quinn Energy Lab

Proudly named after the highly esteemed, Melbourne-born physicist Helen R Quinn, our Energy Lab is a fully-equipped auditorium perfect for dynamic presentations. We also host product launches, lectures and performances in this comfortable space.


120 Theatre