SafeSphere: Managing the safe return to enjoying food in the workplace

We understand that one of the biggest barriers to employees returning to work is their anxiety about COVID-19 and its health risks. For this reason, Restaurant Associates are proud to be announcing their participation in Compass Group Asia Pacific’s new framework SafeSphereTM  

Developed in conjunction with independent health, safety and audit specialists from all over the Asia Pacific region this program is an adaptable and customisable program of food, safety and hygiene solutions. We are excited to be implementing this program into each of our venues on top of our already stringent health and safety standards.

The SafeSphere program is divided into key four areas:

  1. Human Health & Hygiene
  2. Healthy Spaces & Places
  3. Food Reimagined 
  4. Digital Touch 

Solutions under these areas address key anxieties consumers are feeling related to eating outside of their homes, including around social distancing, the hygiene and health of people preparing food and the spaces it is consumed in.

This has led us to such improvements as double health verifications before our staff commence their shift, reducing the need for close contact servicing with low-touch or delivery-at-work meal solutions, implementing pre-ordered meals, innovative ‘Grab & Go’ meal offerings as well as deploying cashless transaction capabilities.

Following the SafeSphereTM   program we are also using the latest in digital tools to relieve anxiety about social distancing in the workplace by monitoring people density to ensure distancing compliance.

Across the Asia Pacific we have seen emerging themes and shifting employee behaviour in different markets through the pandemic. Compass Group Asia Pacific developed SafeSphereTM so it can be adapted in every market whilst providing a baseline level of assurance.

We at Restaurant Associates are looking forward to the reopening of our venues and our clients return to the office and by following the SafeSphereTM  program we will ensure this is a stress-free process for all.