Jurassic World: The Exhibition!

Universal, Museum Spaces and Restaurant Associates launch Jurassic World: The Exhibition!

Get closer to dinosaurs than ever before in Jurassic World: The Exhibition! at Melbourne Museum. Based on one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, the exhibition is inspired by scenes from the beloved film.

Travel to Isla Nublar as a VIP guest and explore Jurassic World. Come face-to-face with a Pachyrhinosaurus, visit The Hammond Creation Lab, stare in wonder at a towering Brachiosaurus, and get a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn all about top-secret projects currently in development while you’re at it.

Created in close collaboration with renowned palaeontologist Jack Horner, the exhibition is infused with interactive educational elements—drawn from the real-world science of dinosaur DNA that allowed Jurassic World to come to life.

The exhibition runs until October, 2016 with corporate hospitality packages starting from $120 pp. This includes exclusive access to the exhibition, gourmet bites and drinks, venue hire of Jurassic Lounge or Main Foyer and service staff for the event. Minimum 50 guests.

For more information, call 03 8341 7400 or email mmevents@restaurantassociates.com.au